hickory, dickory, dock...

...the mouse ran up the clock. Or in our case - the wall and behind our stove. We started hearing our little friend a few weeks ago. Just sporadically. However, the noise has been escalating. We were pretty sure it was somewhere around the stove/oven. Actually, it sounded like it was IN the oven. But, whenever we got close it would run away. Finally, tonight we pulled the stove away from the wall. jackpot! No mouse, but 2 gigantic holes, a chestnut (which neither Cory nor I have ever had in the house), some coffee beans, and the inevitable pile of mouse poop! Sigh.

Oh yeah - did I mention yesterday, I dropped the glass top for my desk on the foot and then while trying to check out behind the stove tonight... I cracked my ankle on the cabinet in an attempt to sit on the counter top (because I'm short and can't just look over the top)... then proceeded to impale my forehead on the corner of the stove vent. And the klutz in me lives on!

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