it's just lunch

i'm so torqued right now - beware...rant coming. i've been getting lots of spam in my personal email lately...which isn't why i'm torqued, although that alone is frustrating. every now and then i'll have a "for real" email sent to my spam, and so it's important for me to skim through the lists (all i see is the sender and subject) to find any needed emails. at any rate, there are tons of spam emails for eharmony-type hookup companies. one that i've seen a lot lately, targeted to married people has a subject line titled "it's just lunch".

no it's not just lunch. it's never just lunch.

trying to figure out why this bothers me so much today. maybe it's because the value of marriage is disintegrating in our nation. maybe it's because without subtle erosions of the characters' marriage we'd have nothing to laugh at on tv. maybe it's because there are people we know and love who's marriages are ending, as we speak. maybe it's because i'm at 1 corinthians 7 in my bible reading right now. maybe when you are the one begging and pleading couples to keep it together this stuff no longer is funny. maybe when you see what it does to their kids and how the sins of the fathers will likely revisit them you get kind of sick of it.

dang it ticks me off. it's never just lunch.

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