are we there yet?

so shanna and i are planning our 4th move since we we got married less than 4 years ago...and while we are super grateful (beyond words or explanation) for the ability to get into this house in just about a week and a half...i've gotta say i'm getting sick of moving. not trying to complain, but it brings back a frustration that i think we all experience during transitions. the uncertainty and confusion...the nagging sense that things aren't in the right place...the inconvenience of living out of boxes...and the questions of how much longer till it all happens again.

in addition to the boxes, packing, and all the mortgage paperwork and meetings in preparation for closing, i will be moving my office at the church further down the hall next week to make way for the church's next hire. transitions are frustrating, confusing, and take us out of our comfort zone. the thought of the new is exciting, but it can be hard to get through the present when you're in transition.

just read a profound article called it takes 12 months by tony morgan. it's worth the quick read, especially for those in leadership positions. i'm nearing the 12 month mark at lakeshore, and it was comforting to know that in these first 12 months it's "natural" to be only trying to survive. so many weeks it has felt like i have been just attempting to make it through. in that time i've discovered a host of things that work...and even more that don't. i have a better understanding of the different paradigm and the unwritten cultural values. and now...i just want to get stuff done. i want to add value and make an impact...and it demands a commitment to longevity.

shanna and i are here for the long haul. i'm tired of transitions.

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Mark Hunneyman said...

Some people are better able to cope with stress and adversity. I'm glad to hear you're committed to making things work. I hope it becomes an easier transition for you and Shanna moving into the new house. Good luck and much love!