going dark

from now until we return home from vacation on january 3rd, i will be enjoying a 10 day fast from my usual online diet in order to truly detach and create space for God to invade and refresh my soul. i've set up a somewhat regimented set of guidelines because i know how hard it is for me to really 'get away', and by posting these guidelines here, it should help.
1. no checking, skimming, scanning, peeking at, or reading email
2. no facebook or myspace
3. no twitter or blog posting
4. no visiting the church's website

i'm a pretty goal-oriented person, and while i want this vacation to be free from goals (and the subsequent guilt of missing those goals), i have a few jotted down to help guide SOME of my time:
1. lots of time in silence and contemplation
2. a couple mornings alone with God on the beach
3. reading lots of the new testament (not sure where yet...i'm feeling hungry for romans thru colossians)
4. journaling...totally and only when i feel like it
5. reading blue like jazz by donald miller, the be with factor by bo boshers & judson poling, and experiencing leadershift by don cousins (i have a tendancy to bring a whole library of books on vacation and read none of them, and this time i'm sticking to these three)
6. go golfing (there's a sweet course right next to the house we're staying at)

cya next year!

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