a change is coming

So in the blogging world of Cory and Shanna, a need for change has been brewing within us...
1. We've blogged here on and off for over 3 years now with varied levels of commitment
2. The content of this blog seems even more varied at times and I often wonder what it's purpose is or has become
3. I'm deeply moved, influenced, encouraged and challenged by the 30+ blogs I try to read each week, and sense a stirring to contribute in a more focused way
4. most of my time in life is spent thinking about and living within the trenches of student ministry, and I long to share some of what I'm processing and thinking with other youth workers, especially those that I already know
5. Everyday I'm learning how closely tied a youth worker's family and personal life are to his/her ministry, and want a blog that still shows that link from the content posted
6. And... I'm sick of Blogger.com (no offense guys - thanks for keeping it easy for tech dummies like me) and enamored with Wordpress.com

Shanna hasn't blogged in a long time and seems to have lost the itch, at least for now. But she might resurface with some gentle prodding...

Not exactly sure where this is leading yet, but these are just some thoughts...
To all 3 of our readers lol, stay tuned!

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