one of my small group guys has a birthday tomorrow, and tonight at group we're gonna try to celebrate it so that he feels a little extra special. not really doing much - just a few cheap and easy things - but it's amazing how as a small group leader just "noticing" can go so far.

i'm not a big birthday person at all - in fact the people close to me know that because it shows in the effort i've often given to their birthday gifts (or lack thereof, to be more truthful). in fact my roommate in college literally got ticked off if you said happy birthday to him or got him a gift! i think he rubbed off on me.

but... as a small group leader, it's not about me. if it's a big deal to most people, it's probably worth a little effort for all.

i'm just hoping the guy in my small group isn't like my roommate!

what are some creative (and simple) ways you've found to celebrate someone's birthday?

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