my thanksgiving list

so i'm gonna try something new to help me connect with thanksgiving this year - i'm gonna "free write" for 10 straight minutes anything and everything that comes to mind that i'm thankful for right now. no editing or correcting after the fact... just writing everything that comes to mind.





life, joy, shanna, technology, our home, heat, a furnace that works, a roof that keeps out rain, 2 cars that run, lakeshore, a GREAT church culture to serve in, our friends, parents who help and serve without thinking, the new baby on the way, that the nursery is done, my marriage, that we're still together, friends, shoes, clean drinking water, health, that my teeth don't hurt even though i haven't been to the dentist in a LONG time, success, prosperous year, that our bills have been paid, enough food to eat every day this year, that i've never gone hungry, for mozambique and our friends there, for our students, for our adult leadership team, for pastor vince, Christ and his sacrifice for my sins, that he opened my eyes and drew me to Himself, confidence and stability, the leadership summit, mariska, a healthy pregnancy so far, God's sovereignty, good relations with parents in our ministry, flower city work camp, college loans paid off, my salary, shanna's photography skills, date nights, our yard, lawnmower that works, that i can breathe, for my youth group growing up, for BBC, francis chan, doug fields, josh griffin, todd bush, colin smith, bill higley, joe schlaegel, bill hybels, frank deluccio, the rest of the church staff, good neighbors, a quiet and peaceful street, awesome view from our living room, for the OBX vacations, for the cabin in VA, common ground services, new building at LCC and youth rooms, coffee, mark, mom, dad, mom2, dad2, alaina, brandon, grant, anna, leigh, joseph, aneila, and all the the other family members, for a slower pace in life, more balance and better decisions, for spiritual growth this past year, for the website done, for the chance to go to SYMC in march, christ's unconditional love, the hope in the future, that one day He'll come back, and that one day He'll make all things right in this world.

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