make war

last sunday we started a new series called "make war" - all on spiritual warfare and the need to make war against the world, the flesh, and the devil around each of us. i've been so excited about the response and how many of our students are jumping on board and being motivated to fight the stuff around them that needs to go.

i'm not sure if you're into rap - i like it every now and then. one of our students tipped me off to this song by Tedashii and i love it! i love the video that was made with it and john piper's quote at the start of it. enjoy!

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MaryMaria said...

Awesome post. That song is like a power anthem! As an fyi, Tedashii debuts his official music video for "Make War" tomorrow on www.ransom.tv. Today, his "ransom note" debuted, which is like a video testimony, and he talked a lot about the significance behind the song. You can also watch that on www.ransom.tv.