balance...such a tightrope

had some great conversations lately with some youth ministry friends from other churches in the area about something we all struggle with... balance. i feel like we should start our monthly gatherings with: "hi, my name is ______ and i'm completely out of balance." actually the more i talk with others it seems like most people in life struggle with this tightrope of balancing work and personal life, but it seems that for some reason it gets really ugly when you're in ministry.

here's what i currently strive to do to keep us in balance, though even this isn't a complete fix:
- force myself to take a day off every monday no matter how heavy the load
- turn the phone off on mondays so i stay away emotionally by not checking emails, voicemails, or texts.
- aim for only 2 nights a week out for ministry/work stuff... 3 nights max
- on the occasional 4 night week that is inevitable every few months, we get revenge the next week by being away only 1 night, etc.
- home by 4/4:30 on away nights, and home by 5:30/6 on non-away nights.
- constant reviewing of the personal & ministry calendars with shanna. the 4 night weeks are more bearable when they aren't surprises.

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