I've been anticipating Spring since last November.  :)  There are some things I like about winter - like warm, cuddly sweaters and hot chocolate.  But, overall - I struggle more emotionally during the long winter months.  Everything just seems a little harder to do, such as walking from my front door to the car.  And the gray sky hangs so low and heavy and confining...

But, Spring! - Spring is soft dewy color and sweet whispering breeze, strawberry shortcake and skies the color of Cory's eyes.  Mud puddles and baby robin eggs, dark purple tulips and bright yellow daffodils, morning bird songs and evening tree-frog lullabies.  Spring brings freshness, life, and new beginnings.  We persevere through long winter months, because Spring is ahead.  We hope for Spring; a sure-thing in this chaotic world.  And so, endure for now - these last lingering days - because Spring is coming!   

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