Ever have one of those days...

So this morning...  we woke up at 7:57AM.  We were supposed to be at prayer circle at church at 7:45AM.  Then, when Cory ran downstairs to get Mariska out of her crate - he realized our basement was flooding again!  And that's when you know its gonna be a loooong day!

Overall, we had a great day with a few more minor bumps.  This Sunday we started a new series called "God wants Fruit not Nuts" where we're covering the Fruit of the Spirit.  And had our Impact Festival.  All the different ministries in the church set up tables and provide "first serve" opportunities for anyone wanting to get involved.  There was some really fantastic displays - plus a few that really made us laugh.  :)  Our Young Adults group had stand-up cardboard cut-outs of one of the guys.  Hysterical!  And kinda freaky when I walked into Cory's office after church and there were two people standing there!  (or just the cut-outs but whew!)  lol. 

We also had another Mozambique meeting at lunch today.  I've really enjoyed getting closer as a group.  We spent a lot of time laughing and just having fun.  We were missing one of the girls due to a nasty migraine, so the group felt a little incomplete - but overall, it was good.  Our new favorite game is Crud.  If you haven't played it - you should!  It doesn't take lots of coordination and it'll keep you jumping and laughing. 

When we finally got home - Cory sucked up most of the water with the sump pump and shop vac and then I mopped everything up.  Since then Cor's decided he needs a jack hammer to dig a hole in our concrete floor.  He's already priced them out and wants to pick one up tomorrow.  Thankfully, Cory's dad spoke some words of wisdom and caution...  we might hold off on extreme and permanent house-altering decisions a while longer.  Though I suppose a jack-hammer might have been some fun.

Cory's phone has officially gone off in anticipation of our day off tomorrow!  :)  So, in the words of Jack Bauer "I'm going dark!"

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