I went to the creche (or daycare) and the Hospital today. For the most part, I enjoyed the creche. The children called me Ta-Tia (probably spelled incorrectly...) and they loved to touch my skin and hair. One baby - maybe a year old - screamed every time he saw me. One of the ladies finally told me to go to the other room. lol.

the hospital was an entirely different story. The hospital here is for Aids patients that are very sick and probably near the end of their time here on earth. We went to serve soup, as the only food they receive is what their families bring. There were 2 ladies with us, called Activistas. They shared who we were and the organization we were with. They then shared the hope of Jesus with them. Then, she said, "and now the ladies will share some words" i suppose we didn't HAVE to speak or pray, but it would be encouraging for the patients. Thankfully, Sue spoke a few words (and Simone translated) and I would pray. then we would serve the soup. i could go on and on describing the hospital (and frankly, all the pain and poverty in this place) but right now, I don't have words or the emotional reserves to spend on sharing.

For lunch we went to the nationals who dreamed and started this whole project. hot Climate culture! we got to hear how they met and much about the project and how to prepare our kids for next year...

this afternoon, Cor and I were going to drive into Beira with Todd, Christa, and the kids... we didn't really make it that far as the car broke down. then started again long enough for us to get to a gas station where we played with various and sundry car parts and some bottles of water. the car made it to the driveway of Lusalite (the neighborhood where we're staying) and then sputtered around, cooled off a little and finally made it somewhere not in the middle of the road. (Christa and I walked to the park with the kids.)

now we're "chillaxin' ". soon we'll head down to Todd & Christa's to decompress and talk about what's rolling around in our heads so far.


Anonymous said...

So Alaina isn't the only Coiner daughter that makes one year old boys cry!! Sharing the Hope of Jesus.....praying for furtile ground and lots of harvest!! love you, mom

sued said...

Hey Team!
O.k. so, lst i had to sign up w/google.now it's a go.prayed for you all at staff meeting today which i'm sure you wished you were here for, cory.also know god is faithful in bringing clarity to what you need to know & when.i'm sure you're all overwhelmed like being at the Leadership summit, but different.
keep the blogs rolling.
god's peace,

Stacy Mariano said...

Continuing to cover you all in prayer. I know from personal experience, that it can be quite overwhelming and draining seeing all that you are seeing and experiencing. I will pray that God will help you process and make sense of all that you are encountering and that you can find ways to share Christ's love with the people there.

Jack said...

Wow, I would love to experience what you are. I wish I could be a fly on your shoulder. Thanks for the "pictures". Praying you see and feel God's grace in all you experience! Love Dad

chief commander said...

maybe you could use Aidan & Ava's tools we sent over to fix the car. we pray each day for all of you that are in mozambique spreading Gods word.