Today we went on a tour of the project. At this point, I am an observer... we walked and talked and said, "Buon Dia" a bajillion times. We were walking on a little dirt path woven around houses and gardens, ducking beneath branches and bushes that tugged at my hair and skirt, and I tried to mentally savor the moment - to stop time and capture the memory forever. The sun beat down and the language gently flowed around me. This experience is something very few will ever have - and yet, it feels normal to me, in my world. We have seen great poverty and this afternoon will start a transition for our team from simply being observers to jumping in and loving on the people around us.


Stacy Mariano said...

So great to hear that you all arrived and that all is going well. Savor every moment - you will be changed forever! We are praying for continued health and safety for the team and that God will move each one of you closer to Him while you're there.

You are loved and being prayed for!

danabea said...

Hey Beautiful! Oh my heart remembers how we felt in China. God is so awesome. Let your heart love the people and serve your God, your heart will never be the same! But you already know that!
Love you! mom