in the student ministry, we just started something with our student leaders that i'm getting SO excited about! it's actually something that my youth pastor/leaders growing up made me do, and it helped me practically discover how to connect with other students in relationally meaningful ways. it's so easy to just go to church, find your group of friends, and never reach out to someone new. this form is an attempt to help that.

we asked all of our student leaders to take one of these forms and fill it out every sunday morning and thursday night that they're at church. a few have come in already, and it's been SO cool to see what they're writing down and how they're breaking down cliques in our youth group.

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Zack said...

That sounds like a great initiative. Sometimes all it takes for someone to be more sociable is affirming leadership. You're doing a great thing by trying to dissolve cliques and getting the teens into a more unified mindset. Keep up the good work.