lcc joint service 2010

today has got to be one of my favorite sundays here at lakeshore! each year for one service in the summer we join up with other area churches to visibly and publicly proclaim that we are united in Christ (we all preach salvation by grace through faith in Christ) and that we are not divided by cultural, ethnic, or racial boundaries. it's always such a refreshing experience!

today we shut down our youth services to make sure the teens didn't miss this. we were joined by 3 predominantly african-american churches: ark of jesus ministries, new way christian fellowship, and victory fellowship, as well as 1 messianic jewish congregation: Shema Y'Israel.

i snagged the video below of one of the opening songs - it's "I Know Who I Am" and was a song that our mozambique team sang a lot when we were in country a few weeks ago. it felt like we were back there...and it was all so right and good.

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